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Together we empower social impact through technology projects


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We seek to inspire beyond de imaginable



Fibras is an ecosystem where people, companies and organizations unite to support and accelerate projects and ideas using technology as a platform to generate social impact in the following dimensions:



About Us

We are a multidisciplinary group with the ability to unite technology and humanism.

We combine knowledge and experience in technology, medicine, neuroscience, psychology, education and research.

Our pillars: synergy and collaboration in sync towards a common purpose.


We co-create world-class software, commited and with empathy, and we generate development in our communities to improve the quality of life of the people.


Educational organization aimed at young people from vulnerable contexts that promotes the dialogue between the worlds of education and work. Dual education in Bachelors in Administration and ICT.

ASFM Lawyers

Different alternative in the way of understanding the Advocacy. A path of commitment and transparency towards our clients, who leave in our hands something extremely valuable: their trust.


Foundation of Uruguay's University of the Republic specialized in software testing. Consulting in testing processes, strategy definition, test automation. Trainings & courses.


Uruguayan technology company, leading the digital transformation in the healthcare system, providing a complete and specialized solution in the digitisation of healthcare models


We are a Tertiary Education Institute. Our education is based on Human Development programs. We accompany the growth of people, from the perspective of Humanistic Psychology


We're a company with an exclusive focus on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, creating solutions that improve people's lives through the enforcement of these disciplines.


We seek to improve work relationships in every sense, transforming the processes of attracting and identifying people, professional and personal development, and change management


We develop Software Solutions and Web Platforms with an innovative and creative approach. We design Projects and Products prioritizing user experience and customer satisfaction.

Más Vida

A movement that deals with the Self, providing content that helps inner growth, generating greater awareness and well-being, encouraging more Human and Happy beings.


We work with portable EEG technology for the development of tools and applications within medicine, research, neuroscience, clinical psychology, education, sleep, and wellness.

Panda Mentoring

We help companies in the construction and delivery of "Value Services", relying on the Purpose, Values and Organizational Culture to generate a positive impact on Business and Teams.


We aim to unite our humanistic spirit and our knowledge of technology to position ourselves as an agent of change. We create 360° solutions for organizations in multiple industries.


Our starting point is rigorous work and strategic analysis, understanding communication as a great tool that strengthens and improves the processes of any organization.


Environmental education through practical tools that helps people and organizations on a path towards sustainability, to be and do in harmony with nature.

uni-te Red Holística

The aim of the Holistic Network/Platform is to unite people with therapies and therapists with the common purpose of helping others to find their way to their Wellbeing and Happiness.

Board of Directors

President: Diego Sastre 
Vicepresident: Juan Pablo Diaz 
Secretary: Juan Ignacio Machado 
Pro-Secretary: María Castelló  
Treasurer:  Mercedes Comas 


Fátima Otormín
Gerardo Cuneo 
Magali Fernández 
Vera Barbat  
Ximena Sommer 


Dinorah Margonauto


Luis Benia
  • Agustina Codazzi
  • Alejandra Zepedeo
  • Alejo del Castillo
  • Analia Semblat
  • Aníbal Banquero
  • Diego Sastre
  • Dinorah Margounato
  • Fátima Otormín
  • Federico Rodriguez
  • Federico Romano
  • Gerardo Cuneo
  • Gonzalo Sobral
  • Guillermo Chanes
  • Hugo Losa
  • Jaime Saavedra
  • Javier Perrachione
  • Juan Ignacio Machado
  • Juan Pablo Diaz Magariños
  • Leandro Castelluccio
  • Luis Benia
  • Magali Fernández
  • Marcos Sarasola
  • María Castelló
  • Mariana Silvera
  • Mercedes Comas
  • Mikaela Pisani
  • Natalia Martinez
  • Rosina Gonzalez
  • Silvia Vila
  • Vera Babat
  • Ximena Sommer
Founding Companies
  • ASFM
  • CES
  • UNI-TE

Programs & Projects

The programs that weave the weft of Fibras cross and intertwine the different projects and dimensions.

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Write your message

    I thank the Universe for putting us on the path to co-create Fibras together with amazing people, with great talent, experience, especially empathy and service vocation. Sinchronicity, Synchrony and Satisfaction ar in the “S” of FibraS

    Juan Ignacio MachadoFounder Partner

    Motivated by loving my neighbor as much as myself, Immediately recognized in Fibras and its people the perfect technology to align projects and actions that guide from the experience of the Human Being to the encounter in wellbeing with oneself.

    Juan Pablo Diaz MagariñosFounder Partner

    In the Fibras space I feel the total alignment between feeling, thinking, saying and doing. Being part of this project fills me with energy and joy.

    Dinorah MargounatoFounder Partner

    Fibras is a group of people and companies with similar dreams. We´re focused on contributing to make, between all of us, a more supportive, humane, equitable and sustainable World. A purpose that makes everyone's lives more valuable. Proud to be part of it. 🙂

    Luis BeniaFounder Partner

    We believe in a humanistic, ethical and caring World and we feel that it is possible to connect our society to its full potential for wellbeing and fulfillment. To achieve this aim we set out to take action, putting a lot of love and all our humble knowledge and experience at the service of this purpose.

    Diego SastreFounder Partner