This program seeks to collaborate in the articulation between health system organizations (private and governmental) and the population, connecting and providing relevant information in both directions.  


Benefits for the health system  

  • Monitor individualized and aggregated patient information in real time.   
  • Generate an intelligent response base for FAQ´s  
  •  Increase adherence to treatments.   
  •  Develop, integrate and make available technological tools that improve communication between people and the health system.  
  •  Generate a database to analyze behaviors and promote preventive actions.  


Benefits for the population  

  •  Find reliable information for their condition  
  •  Feeling accompanied during treatment  
  •  Having tools that make it easier to comply with the doctor’s indications   
  •  Obtain follow-up and notification mechanisms for individuals and their families 
  •  Learn best practices for treatment and monitoring  




Contribute to develop closeness between the health system, physicians, patients and their families by improving the exchange and availability of relevant information in various ways.   





The program seeks to develop technological platforms that allow the population to connect securely with appropriate and relevant information about their health condition regarding their symptoms, pathologies and treatments, helping by resolving doubts in real time (without waiting for a medical consultation) and at the same time monitoring their condition continuously.   


On the other hand, the medical systems will be able to monitor their patients in real time and get  more reliable information about their evolution than what they currently obtain, which is based only on what the patient remembers at the time of the consultation, since the medical visits are spaced in time and of short duration.