The program seeks to collaborate in the development of a healthy life and promote well-being in all ages, gender, race, culture, etc., in a world that is facing a major health crisis, armed conflicts, poverty, anguish, etc. We understand that it is essential to generate powerful solutions with a humanistic approach that are enhanced with the use of technology to minimize the effects described. 


The target audience of our program is society as a whole, but we will prioritize efforts in those populations that are most vulnerable, either due to their social and economic situation, or that have been affected by different situations of the world crisis. 

Tools are developed that favor access to instruments that contribute to the well-being, health and psychological support of people. 





Measure and provide instruments that increase the well-being rates of the population. 



The program develops as a base, an ethical and sustainable technological platform, which favors the stated objectives, while promoting the articulation and synergy between the entities and professionals that provide solutions for well-being, health and the different target audiences. 

 It is a fundamental objective of the program to obtain information and data that allow better diagnoses and that help, through the analysis of objective information, the development of better strategies for increasing the well-being indicators of people. 

 As an example, projects that have an impact on any of the following points will be promoted: 

  • Information and content on wellness and health instruments 
  • Creation of new instruments for these objectives 
  • Development of proposals for self-knowledge and development of awareness 
  • Monitoring and measurement of health and wellness indicators 
  • Projects focused on children, adults, and older adults 
  • Tools with a focus on gender, race, culture 
  • Psychological accompaniment 
  • Offers and access to sustainable products and services with a focus on wellness and health